To all Officers and Members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club

January 28, 2002

I have gone over and over the issue of the Rockers (CLB's from here on) and how we as a International Club should handle this.  The National Officers and members of the Board of Directors have reviewed all of the opinions and suggestions of the chapter and state officers who responded to our emails concerning this issue.  Even though I feel we do have approval from several dominant clubs around the USA, or in most parts of the USA, we still have many chapters and members that are prohibited from the wearing of CLB's. Currently, all of Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Washington State and all of the New England States cannot wear a CLB. Internationally, all chapters in Australia and the Czech Republic are prohibited as well.  Other states, such as Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas have chapters in areas where the wearing of CLB's is prohibited.  Numerous other chapters, at the decision of their 1st Officer, have decided for safety's sake, not to wear CLB's.  It seems the only choice we can make, in regards to fairness and for the safety of all of our SCRC members, would be the removal of Chapter Location Bars Club Wide.   Removal of the CLBs will unite all chapters of the Southern Cruisers Riding club.

I know the Officers of the Southern Cruisers have put forth a lot of time and efforts to maintain the Chapters and Membership of the SCRC and for this my gratitude goes out to all of you.  The Southern Cruisers Riding Club started as a Local Riding Club here in the Memphis Tennessee area and then moved on to other parts of the country. From the club's inception the true concept of the SCRC was defined as an all brands Riding Club and has and continues to be so to this day. I hear rumors that we as Southern Cruisers are trying to be a 1% Club and are laying claims to territory across the USA. This in fact is nothing more than rumor. That is not the intent of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club on a National or Local Chapter level.

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club was set up as a Club for basically anyone who had a motorcycle to join, to get out and ride and make new friends along the way. There may have been lack of forethought on my part, but at the time neither I nor anyone else ever dreamed it would grow to the size it has. Other free clubs as they grew changed their agendas and began charging dues and instituted a waiting period for full membership.  This is not what the SCRC is about.  Some claim you cannot have true brotherhood in a free Club, this I know for a fact not to be true.  Many strong friendships have developed in the SCRC, locally and worldwide due to the SCRC being set up just like it is.  We would not change that for the world.

Just to make sure no one misunderstands this statement, I feel removal of the "CLB" should take place immediately and through out the entire Southern Cruisers Riding Club. This includes patches worn under the Club Logo on the back of jackets and vests in the shape of a straight bar or curved rocker that indicate a location: city, town, state, territory or region.  I feel this is the only way to show the intent of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club is to be a Riding Club and only a Riding Club.

Being the National President of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, I ask all Officers including National, State, 1st and 2nd Officers to contact the Membership of the SCRC and explain the reasons behind this decision.  I know some will not like this decision, but it's the best option for the safety of all of our members club wide.

Chapters can, at their discretion, create or design patches that could be worn on the front of their vests or jackets that designate their chapter affiliation.   There have been no problems involved with what is worn on the
front of vests with the exception of 1% or M/C patches.   The SCRC will continue to enforce the rule that no member will wear a 1% or M/C patch on a vest, jacket or other article of clothing that has a Southern Cruisers logo on it as well.

We have a Great Club, and I for one would like to see all of the Membership and Officers pull together on this to show the Motorcycling Community what our true intent is.  Remember the Southern Cruisers Riding Club's reason for existing - Riding motorcycles safely, making new friends and leaving those we visit with a good impression of the club in the process.

          Rick Perry " Rickster "
  SCRC National President & Founder